Monitoring and Measuring IT's Business Impact
Return on Investment
Project Management

Return on Investment

The Balanced Scorecard model prescribes discreet management and auditing metrics which enable and mandate appropriate return on investment (ROI). The Balanced Scorecard model assists with forecasting and monitoring the impact of business operations and processes in four key areas: Large-scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) rollouts can be unwieldy and involve several enterprise divisions.

The Balanced Scorecard model synchronizes performance indicators to the operational processes than influence the indicators. This mechanism permits us to align corporate strategy and resources to their full potential, for you.

Project Management

On the project management front, which leverages the Balanced Scorecard, we emply the Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge method. The Project Management Institute outlines 9 core knowledge areas: We utilize this extensible Body of Knowledge (a.k.a. standard) to our engagements; however, we do not abandon the critical path method in appropriate situations!

As a prelude to any project, a blueprint/specification must exist. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) provides an excellent business blueprinting paradigm, and we use UML to convey the project in a business friendly lexicon to all stakeholders.

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